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My Promise to Rockdale County...

The Rockdale County Sheriff's Office has unfortunately found itself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons lately. It's clear that a fresh approach is necessary to rebuild trust and integrity within the community and among our law enforcement peers. I possess a wealth of experience that uniquely qualifies me to spearhead this transformation. As your next Sheriff, I am committed to conducting a thorough audit of both the financials and operations to guarantee our resources are being utilized wisely and our actions are just.

Immediate action is required in several key areas especially staffing like increase pay for ALL employees of the Rockdale County Sheriff's office,  implement the Reserve Program, and the provision of mental and medical care for inmates. Transparency isn't just a buzzword; it's a principle I stand for, and it's been the cornerstone of my campaign from the start. I'm not just hopping on the bandwagon of change; I'm driving it.

My vision for the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office is to set the gold standard for law enforcement agencies everywhere. The majority of our staff are dedicated public servants who simply need the right leadership to thrive. Drawing from my military background and entrepreneurial spirit, I've honed the leadership skills necessary to inspire our team and instill a culture of excellence.

This election is our chance to steer the Rockdale County Sheriff's Office toward a future marked by professionalism, accountability, transparency, discipline, and effectiveness. By embedding these values into every facet of our work, we can fulfill our primary duty: safeguarding the rights of our residents and ensuring Rockdale County remains a secure and pleasant community for all.

I have a clear understanding of the changes required, the reasons they're imperative, and the strategies to implement them effectively.

Vote for Ronald Muckle for Sheriff of Rockdale County, and together, let's embark on a journey toward exemplary law enforcement service.  

Primary is in May 2024 and General is November 2024.  Elect me Ronald Muckle.  

Rockdale County's current safety challenges and crime rates, accompanied by Sheriff candidate Ronald Muckle's strategic plans
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